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Construction Styles

    Ashland Oak is one of the area's only cabinet manufacturers capable of providing both cabinet construction styles:

  • Framed construction or "American" style
  • Frameless/full-access construction or "European" style

        With a framed construction, solid wood joinery is used at the front of the cabinet to form a "face frame".  This face frame is composed of solid wood pieces 1 1/2"wide x 3/4" thick, with grain running in different directions.  The horizontal rails and vertical stiles of the face frame attach the doors to the cabinet box,  with hinges and drawer slides mounting to the frame.

        With a frameless construction, the cabinet box's exposed ends are edge-banded at the face with matching woodgrain or PVC edge tape (similar to what is used on the front of adjustable shelves).  This design style provides a clean, modern look with more open access to the entire cabinet box (which is why this style is called full-access). 

    The two construction styles also result in very different looks once doors and drawer fronts are applied.  With the framed cabinet, you see a mixture of frame and door/drawer front, with wide reveals (or gaps) between each door/drawer front.  This is called a frame-overlay style.  With a full-access cabinet, you see more door and drawer front, with tight reveals (or gaps) between each door/drawer front.  This is called a full-overlay style.

    Driven by design tastes and practicality, homeowners and homebuilders are beginning to understand the added advantages of full-access cabinetry.
                                                                                                                      Framed             Full-access
  • Wider drawers (approx 30% more space)
  • More interior cabinet space
  • Easier access to cabinet contents
  • Clean, modern look
  • Most popular cabinet design trend found in design publications
  • Easier to clean
  • Less expensive than framed construction                                              
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Please Note - full-access cabinets require pull
hardware (see hardware section, below)

Construction Standards

Ashland Oak employs the following standards for construction, materials, dimensions, and installation practices:

General Construction Standards:
  • CNC router-milled cabinet parts and squared doors, offering the cleanest cuts and truest dimensions
  • Fully adjustable, half-depth base cabinet shelves.   Upper and tall cabinets have fully adjustable, full-depth shelves.  Upgrades - full-depth base cabinet shelves available upon request
  • Edge banded adjustable shelving.  Upgrades - hardwood shelf edging available upon request
  • Integrated 4" tall toe kick, 2" recess
  • All exposed ends are veneered MDF/Plywood to match wood species of job.  Upgrades - decorative door panels applied to finished ends
  • Raw MDF/plywood edges on top and bottom of cabinets are not edge banded, unless requested

Framed Cabinetry Construction:

  • Frame stiles and rails are 1 1/2" wide x 3/4" thick
  • Frames are mortise-and-tenoned and glued, then dadoed to cabinet boxes (no face nailing)
  • All cabinets over 30" wide will have a middle stile in the frame, 2 1/4" wide
  • 1/4" lip from face-frame-to-box joinery on all exposed ends.  Upgrades - flush ends available upon request
  • 1" reveals between doors/drawer fronts

Full-Access Cabinetry Construction:
  • Blind-dado joinery
  • Color-matched PVC edge tapes for all exposed cabinet box faces (best possible match)
  • 1/4" reveals between doors/fronts.  Upgrades - 1/8" reveals available upon request
  • 1/8" gaps between paired doors, paired doors on all cabinets over 24"

Cabinet Box Materials:                                                                             
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  • White melamine cabinet interiors and cabinet tops/bottoms (including exposed bottoms of tops).  Upgrades - additional colors and woodgrain melamines available, as well as finished wood interiors, and finished cabinet bottoms for uppers are   also available
  • 3/4" thermally-fused white melamine or wood-veneered MDF used for cabinet sides, tops, bottoms, and shelving.  Upgrades - plywood as a substitute for MDF is available upon request
  • 1/4" backs, white melamine or wood veneered MDF

Drawer/Rollout Core Materials:                            

  • 3/4" white melamine drawer/rollout cores with 1/4" bottoms, nailed and glued.  Upgrades - woodgrain melamine, 7-ply  baltic birch lap-dadoed cores, and 5/8"   solid wood dovetailed cores available    upon request


  • Side-mounted, 3/4 extension, white epoxy-coated drawer slides.  Upgrades - 3/4 and full-extension under-mount slides, including self-closing under-mount slides,   as well as a full array of file-grade slides,  are available upon request
  • Fully concealed, 110 degree opening hinges                                   White melamine                                  with a button for easy door removal
  • Pull hardware (knobs and pulls) not                                          Clip-on concealed hinge                   included, available upon request
                                                                                                         Matching PVC edge banding
General Cabinet Dimensions:

  • Base cabinets are 35" tall, 24" deep (excluding door), with 3/4" nailer strip on exterior of back
  • Upper cabinets are available in any height, 12" deep (excluding door), with 3/4" nailer strips on exterior of back
  • Tall linen/pantry/utility cabinets are available in any height, 12" deep (excluding door), with 3/4" nailer strips on exterior of back
  • Vanity cabinets are available in any height, 21" deep (excluding door), with full backs and 3/4" nailer strip on exterior of back


  • All cabinets scribed to walls with scribe molding.  Upgrades - cabinet box can be hand-scribed to walls without scribe molding
  • Crown and toe kick applied during box installation
  • Pull hardware installation included on all full-access cabinetry (not on framed cabinetry, unless requested)

                                                                                                                                               Click picture for larger view

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