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Cabinetry done right. 

    Welcome to the Gallery, where you'll find various information about our cabinetry and  numerous examples of the work we've completed for new and remodeled homes across southeast Nebraska.  Take your time...browse through to look for design, style,  and even layout ideas. 

    To learn more about our different cabinet styles, start in the Cabinet Options section.

    To see a sampling of our most popular door styles, be sure to visit our Door Styles section.

    For a complete listing of the wood species and finish colors we offer, visit our Stain Colors section.

    If you're looking for samples of our work for commercial settings, please visit our Commercial section.
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There are three ways to view our gallery - Slide Show Mode, Full-Screen Mode, and Thumbnail Mode.

Hint - Hold the pointer over any of the buttons and a short description will appear after a few seconds.

Slide Show Mode (default) - Click the right or left arrows to browse pictures one at a time, or click the play button (in between right and left arrows) to play as a slide show.  To scroll through all available images quickly, move the mouse down just below the picture currently being displayed, until a row of thumbnails pop up.  Then move the mouse right or left to scroll through the thumbnails.  The further you move the mouse, the faster the thumbnails scroll.  Click on a thumbnail to view the picture.

Full-Screen Mode - Click the "full-screen mode" button (second button from the right).  This pops open a new window, where you can view the pictures in a larger, more detailed Slide Show Mode window. 

Thumbnail Mode - Click the "picture index" button (furthest button to the right).  This will bring up 25 thumbnails, each of which can be viewed by clicking on them.  Click the right and left arrows to scroll through pages of thumbnails.  Click the "X" at the top right to go back to Slide Show Mode.

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